ALASKA WORLD PORTAL is a paperless employee travel PET which allows people to travel all around the world. These airlines have a large number of employees and different kinds of flight routes. For managing these flights and staff efficiently, it has created a portal.

Moreover, it allows managing the profile as well as handle your account. You can easily get to know the available employee feature if you have worked with Alaska Airlines. If you are newly employed , it is hard for you to access the website. For more details, you can log into ALASKA WORLD or read the article below.!



  1. Employee ID from AlaskasWorld
  2. Password from AlaskasWorld
  3. Password for AlaskasWorld PET
  4. Employee ID for Horizon Air
  5. The user must have a login account with AlaskasWorld or Horizon Air
  6. User ID and password to login to the website

 If the user does not have a password they must set one up.


  Before using the site you will need to have the user id and password. If you do not the these then ask your HR officer. The steps to login into ALASKASWORLD are very easy. You will need to follow the steps given:-

  • Visit the official site AlaskasWorld website com.
  • Thereafter, click on
  • There will be the option of Change Password, Forget Password, Manage Profile and Create Password. Select the last option and create a new password. You can also select other options if needed.
  • Now enter your username and password.
  • Logging into AlaskasWorld PET.

Follow the below steps to log in successfully:-

  • Visit the official site at
  • Choose the fly option to proceedAlaskasworldd
  • At next step enter PeopleSoft employee number and password to log in.
  • If you want the site to remember your password click remember me in the box.
  • For completion of login in the process, you have to click the sign in button.

What kind of information can you find at AlaskasWorld?

To access portal, you should consider your browser compatibility. Before that, you should fulfill browser setting requirements. First, you need to enable Javascript for your browser’s setting to use this online portal. Additionally, the web browser should accept the cookies. It suggests you to use the updated version of web browsers like Internet5.0 and Netscape 4.0. When you are using the website you will notice four such options:-


This will be allowed to the employees of Air Alaska and Air Horizon. By logging into Alaska PET, you can explore new features and menus. In order to explore new features, you will require the Arctic number or employee id and password to reach your account on PET portal.     

To access this portal you need to provide your web user id and password. You will need to access this website when you want to change or create a PET password.

3.Jobs in Alaska     

With this, you can explore Alaska Airlines Career Centre. You can also find job vacancies at Alaska Airlines.

4.M&E Vendor site   

This site is specially designed for vendors only. They can provide username and password to access the account.


Rules are laid down by every organization. Likewise, Alaska PET travel privileges lay down some rules. As you are traveling under privileges program you and your dependents will be called as non -revenue passengers. These kinds of passengers should pay attention to the rules laid down:-

  • The way to travel                                                                            

If there is an availability of space, you can travel for free. In order to enjoy this program, there will be a waiting list.No reservation facility is available and the boarding order totally depends on priority and seniority.

  • List of flight 

You can visit AlaskasWorld PET, for updated information of the list of flights. To see the list of flight, click on the travel tab on the website. By doing this you will not only get to know the list of flights but also quick access to Alaska’s flight information. If in case you can’t register online you can register through the phone.

  • Dress code                                                                                     

 Alaska Airlines is applying dress code for non-revenue passengers. It accepts the office casual clothing and clean jeans. But, it does not allow you to travel by wearing t-shirts, cut off jeans, sweatshirts, and shorts.


  1. Employees can travel with their dependents on a private business flight. There is a facility of offline travel privilege to go to the employment place from residence place.
  2. Employees’ will not be allowed to list the travel on the same routing and the day that they hold. This means that they cannot travel from the same departure and destinations, but they can travel from co-terminals.
  3. Employees who misuse this program will go under disciplinary actions.
  4. The employees’ of Alaska Airlines should not speak to other non -airline personnel about this travel privilege. If you and your family member do not obey this rule they may be  suspended from using this program.


At times, due to a server problem, there may difficulty in checking the flight details.

customer care number:  1-800-252-7522(1-800-ALASKAAIR).

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